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Friday, 20 July 2007

My very first blog

This is the very first time I have set up a blog. I am trying out the technology to see if it is of use in my business as a telecommunications consultant. I run two companies: CQC Consult, which focuses on the supply side of the voice, video and data networking business; and Unified Communications Consultancy, which is a demand side consultancy, focussing particularly on freelance writing for magazine such as Comms Business www.cbmagazine.co.uk of which I am Associate Editor. More details can be found at www.unified-communications.co.uk

As well as the work I do for clients such as Avaya, Mitel and Siemens on the supply side, and the writing work I do for the magazine and others, I am also the Leader of the Communications Management Association www.thecma.com Unified Communications Forum. This is an unpaid role in which I provide a focal point for any questions that members of the CMA may have about LAN's, WAN's, IP telephony and, of course, Unified Communications.

If this blog is succesful, I shall keep it filled with information which I beleive will be of interest to voice, video and data networking professionals on both the demand and supply side of the industry. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

Best regards,

Maren Bennette


Ian said...

Maren who?

This looks cool. Let's hope it brings in some business fro you.

garrett said...

Maren - you seem to be at the center of Unified Communications activity. A robust dialogue on your blog might help end users, consultants and pundits to make sense of what's driven by users and driven by manufacturers, what's fadish and what is actually useful and productive to business and organizations.